Non-Fiction/ Graphic/ Illustrated Reviews


Albom, Mitch - Finding Chika

Alexander, William - Flirting with French
Anselmo,  Lisa - My (Part Time) Paris Life
Ansley, Bruce &  Ussher, Jane - Islands 
Bailey, Jake - What Cancer Taught Me  
Baines, Emily Ansara - The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook 
Barnes, Darlene - Hungry 
Barnes, Julian - The Pedant in the Kitchen 
Bogel, Anne - I'd Rather Be Reading  
Booth, Martin - Gweilo  
Borman, Tracy - The Private LIves of the Tudors 

Bowler, Kate - No Cure For Being Human & Everything Happens for a Reason  
Bryson, Bill - The Road to Little Dribbling
                   At Home: A Short History of Private Life  
Bythell, Shaun - The Diary of a Bookseller  
Canora, Marco - Brodo 
Colwin, Laurie - Home Cooking
Crowe, Kelsey & McDowell, Emily - There is No Good Card For This: What to say and do when life is scary, awful, and unfair to people you love  

Defoe, Gideon - An Atlas of Extinct Countries  
Duhigg, Charles - The Power of Habit 
Eger, Dr Edith Eva - The Choice 
Fechtor, Jessica - Stir 

Flanagan, Kitty - 488 Rules For Life   
Flinn, Kathleen - The Sharper the Knife the Less You Cry
The Kitchen Counter Cooking School  
Foley E & Coates B - What would Boudicca Do? 
Gay, Roxane - Hunger 
Gawande, Atul - Better , Being Mortal,
The Checklist Manifesto

Gilbert, Elizabeth -  Big Magic

Gildiner, Catherine - Good Morning, Monster
Giramonte, Lisa Borgnes - Novel Interiors
Gladwell, Malcolm - David & Goliath Talking to Strangers  
Gleeson, Erin - The Forest Feast for Kids  
Gompertz, Will - What Are You Looking At?  
Gottlieb, Lori - Maybe You Should Talk To Someone 
Graham, Katherine - A Personal History
Hanagarne, Josh - The World's Strongest Librarian 
Hanff, Helene - 84 Charing Cross Road  ,The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street
Harford, Tim - Fifty Inventions That Shaped The Modern Economy   
Hazan, Marcella - Ingredienti 
Henson, Emily - Be Bold: Interiors for the Brave of Heart  
Hood, Ann - Kitchen Yarns  
Jiang, Jia - Rejection Proof  
Johnson, Boris - The Churchill Factor   
Karbo, Karen - How Georgia Became O'Keefe , In Praise of Difficult Women
Kerman, Piper - Orange is the New Black
Keyes, Marian - Saved by Cake
Kondo, Marie - Spark Joy  
Lamott, Anne - Bird by Bird 

Langbein, Annabel - Bella   
Le, Stephanie - Easy Gourmet
LeClerc, Julie - Hot Pink Spice Saga 
Lende, Heather - Find The Good   
Martin, Sasha - Life From Scratch
Mathias, Peta - Hot Pink Spice Saga 
McKeown, Greg - Essentialism 
Mohannadi, Kamin - Bella Figura
Moran, Caitlin - Moranifesto  , More Than A Woman
Mustich, James - 1000 Books to Read Before You Die  

Nestor, James - Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art  
Nosrat, Samin - Salt Fat Acid Heat 

O'Sullivan, Vincent - The Dark is Light Enough 

Pan, Jessica - Sorry I'm Late I Didn't Want to Come  
Pennac, Daniel - The Rights of the Reader 
Philpott, Mary Laura - I Miss You When I Blink  
Quindlen, Anna - Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake: A Memoir
Rajesh, Monisha - Around The World in 80 Trains  
Reichl, Ruth - My Kitchen Year
Delicious   , Save Me The Plums
Reilly, Winifred M - It Takes One To Tango 
Robertson, Nichole - Paris in Color 
Rosenberg, Liz - House of Dreams
Rubin, Gretchen - Happier At Home  , The Happiness Project
Ruhlman, Michael - Ruhlman's Twenty 

Russell, Helen - The Year of Living Danishly 
Sandberg, Sheryl - Lean In
Saunders, Jennifer -  Bonkers
Slater, Nigel - Toast 
Simmons, Sylvie - I'm Your Man   
Smillie, Justin - Slow Fires 
Stewart, Chris - Driving Over Lemons
Thorisson, Mimi - A Kitchen in France
Usher, Shaun - Lists of Note 
Usher, Shaun - More Letters of Note 
Verant, Samantha - Seven Letters from Paris, 
How To Make a French Family   
Walls, Jeannette - The Glass Castle 
Wax, Ruby - A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled
Weiss, Luisa - My Berlin Kitchen  
Westover, Tara - Educated  
Wizenberg, Molly - A Homemade Life  

Andersen, Sarah - Adulthood is a Myth
Apse, Andris -  Spirit of the South 
Bantock, Nick - Griffin & Sabine
Bornholdt, Jenny - A Book is a Book
Chast, Roz - Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? 
Going Into Town 
Chavouet, Florent - Tokyo on Foot 
Crouse, William - The Art Deco Poster 

Dalai Lama & Tutu, Desmond - The Little Book of Joy   
De La Mare, Guinevere - I'd Rather Be Reading  
Dodd, Lynley - Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy
Dujardin, Helene - Plate to Pixel 

Erickson, Renee - Getaway
Feder, Tyler - Dancing at the Pity Party  
Friedlander, Marti - Self-Portrait   
Gaines, Julie - Minding The Store
Gleeson,Erin -
The Forest Feast Mediterranean
Green, Katie - Lighter Than My Shadow
Greenspan, Dorie - Around My French Table 
Grigson, Sophie - Spices  

Ha, Robin - Almost American , Cook Korean!
Hart, Tom - Rosalie Lightning 

Hattori, Yuki - What Cats Want 
Heald, Henrietta - La Vie Est Belle 
Hiassen, Carl -  Assume the Worst
Jaffrey, Madhur - Curry Easy  
James Martin's French Adventure 
Kalman, Maira - Ah-hA to Zig Zag , My Favorite Things , The Principles of Uncertainty,
Kitchen, Leanne & Suvalko, Antony - The Real Food of China 
Knisley, Lucy - Displacement: A Travelogue , An Age of License,
Something New    

Laing, Sarah - Mansfield and Me
Macdonald, Kate - The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook  
Mackesy, Charlie - The Boy, the Mole, the Fox & the Horse  
MacLeod, Janice - Paris Letters
A Paris Year   
Mount, Jane - Bibliophile 
Obata, Fumio - Just So Happens  
Pankhurst , Kate -  Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World
Patel, Meera Lee - My Friend Fear 

Pyle, Nathan W - Strange Planet 
Roux, Michel - Eggs  , Cheese 
Rowling JK - The Illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Risbridger, Ella - Midnight Chicken 
Ruhlman, Michael - Egg 

Sanders, Ella Frances - Lost in Translation 

Snider, Grant - I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf 

Sweet, Melissa - Some Writer!  The Story of E.B. White  , The Right Word
Swift, Vivian - Le Road Trip 
Szymanik, Melinda - Clever Moo
Tuck, Sarah - Coming Unstuck 
Tung, Debbie - Quiet Girl in a Noisy World  , Book Love
Webster, Jane - French House Chic  , French Ties

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