Saturday 16 January 2021

Some Writer! The Story of E.B. White by Melissa Sweet


This fantastic book is going to my Top 20 book tab!  I found it that good.


This is a biography of E.B. White of Charlotte's Web fame.  It is said to be written for children – but I found it suitable for adults as well.


The author writes well and has done fabulous illustrations as well as photos and copies of White's letters and extracts from drafts of his books.


White's life was interesting as was his approach to writing.  This is a book you could give to anyone and be sure they would be uplifted.


White was born in Mt Vernon, New York state but gained much of his inspiration from a rural part of Maine.


You will be seeing some of White's quotes coming up soon.

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  1. This looks cute. I love the picture with the typewriter. I doubt that coming generations will be aware of what a typewriter is and how to deal with it. I once was in a museum for children where they had an exhibition about writing. There was an old typewriter where the ribbon was ripped at the end. I sat down and "repaired" it, was followed by some hugely amazed children's eyes. They probably thought I was a witch. Or superman. Or whatever. LOL


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