Wednesday, 15 June 2022

No Cure For Being Human & Everything Happens For A Reason by Kate Bowler


I read No Cure For Being Human first and based on how much I liked it, I then got Everything Happens For a Reason from the library and enjoyed it as well.  The order they were written was the other way round.


This straightforwardly written honest account of the author's cancer diagnosis and treatment was quite enlightening to me as a cancer survivor.


I don't recommend reading these books if you are going through cancer treatment.  But if you are a survivor or are friends or family of someone going through it, you could find these little books quite helpful (as well as surprisingly funny).  Probably the best time to read them is while you are young and healthy.


The author teaches at a divinity school, but whether you are religious or not, you'll get a lot from these books.


I'll finish this inadequate review by giving you a sample of an Appendix to the second book which sets out some things absolutely never to say to people experiencing terrible times.


·         "Well, at least…" Whoa.  Hold up there.  Were you about to make a comparison?  At least it's not… what? Stage V cancer? Don't minimize.

·         "Everything happens for a reason."  The only thing worse than saying this is pretending that you know the reason.

"When my aunt had cancer…"…So I have to join you in the saddest journey down memory lane, or do you mind if I finish my mojito?

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  1. I am a cancer survivor and I sometimes forget that!


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