Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Two Steps Forward By Graeme Simsion & Anne Buist

I didn't have particularly high expectations for this book.  I loved The Rosie Project but didn't enjoy Simsion's latest work.  And the book was a collaboration.

I was curious about how the two authors divided up the work on this book.  I found this in a newspaper article:

"Buist wrote from Zoe's perspective, Simsion from Martin's. They then merged the two journeys. Simsion reduced the manuscript to half its size and they edited each other's chapters."

It seems to have worked very well.  While reading the book I was unable to detect any difference in writing style between the points of view.

This book is worth reading for many reasons:

·         The setting being walking to Santiago de Compostela – the St James Way
·         France and its customs
·         The humour
·         The plot was interesting and not too obvious
·         The ending!

I think this one will be a hit!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Only a little bit funny...

Brined butter poached pork – a Tuesday rehash

Carole's Chatter: Brined Butter Poached Pork

First I brined the pork by leaving it to soak in salted water overnight and then I poached it in butter – which sounds decadent I know – but actually I kept the butter afterwards and used it in a variety of dishes over the next week or so.

To poach the pork, I simply popped it into large pot and covered it with melted butter – no boiling just a gentle simmer – took less than half an hour.  I didn't sear the pork first so that is why it looks quite pale.

As you can see I served it accompanied by hand cut baked fries and bok choy.

Before baking the fries I par boiled them for 5 minutes – which helps them be nice and fluffy in the middle and then the baking crisps up the outside.  To bake them I sprinkled them with salt flakes and tossed them in olive oil.

The bok choy was quickly sautéed with ginger and chopped brazil nuts.  I cut the stalks up finely and gave them a couple of minutes before putting the leafy parts in.