Wednesday, 20 January 2021

488 Rules For Life by Kitty Flanagan


This book is written by an Australian comedienne.  It is light hearted and funny – riotously in some places.  It is also quite 'Australian'..


To see if you would like to dip into it I am giving you 3 different rules to consider:


105 – Always nudge a snoring passenger awake

It's perfectly acceptable to 'accidentally' bump a snoring passenger in order to wake them up.  In fact, if you are seated next to a snorer, it's your duty to give them a sharp elbow nudge.  This is another problem that would be better dealt with by the airlines themselves, to prevent any argument or awkwardness between passengers.  My suggestion is that a flight attendant should occasionally patrol the aisles with a stick to poke any snoring passengers awake.


138 – Taste your meal before you salt it

This is a rule for old people who habitually reach for the salt and shake astonishing amounts of the stuff all over their food before they've even tasted it.  Honestly, I could serve sea-water soup to my parents and they would still go at it with the salt.  And I'm not saying you can't add salt, I'm saying you should do whoever has cooked the meal the courtesy of tasting it first, just one mouthful to consider the flavours and the subtle seasonings, then tip your salt all over it.


220 – Pregnant women are not magic lamps – don't rub them

Always ask first.  Or better yet, wait for the pregnant woman herself to suggest the idea – but don't be surprised, or annoyed if she doesn't.  Not everyone likes their tummy rubbed. (My dog can't believe I just said that.)


  1. Hey, this sounds funny. Laughter is always precious and definitely in these days of isolating at home.

  2. This sounds hilarious. I coudn't agree more to the ones suggestions you posted, especially the salting the meal before tasting it. Barbarians! LOL


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