Monday, 8 September 2014

Capital City of the Week – Lisbon

Lisbon is a pretty city. 

This is the Belem Tower. 

This is a famous old aqueduct in Lisbon.

Lisbon has electric trams – lucky things!
So where in the world is Lisbon?
Lisbon is the capital of:

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  1. Been there, beautiful but an odd thing they do in some restaurants. Small starters are often bought with drinks when eating out or just having a glass of wine. Having travelled widely in Spain you may think these are free tapa; no, they're not and you will be charged for them. Unfortunately as well, the quality varies widely and is often disappointing. You have to FORCEFULLY say no to them in some places and check the bill to make sure you've not been charged later, and, on an evening out, the last thing I want to do is to be turning away things I don't want and don't want to be charged for. For me, it really put a downer on my time there and I wish the practice would end.


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