Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson

I've read and posted about Bill Bryson before – At Home.  His latest offering The Road to Little Dribbling is well worth a read.

It is a travel sort of book about his meanderings through the UK.  Absolutely laugh out loud in some places and entertaining throughout.

I don't think Mr Bryson and I would be good buddies however – he is unrelentingly cynical and curmudgeonly – which makes for a really funny read but maybe not someone that would suit me in person.


  1. I read this book and I agree with you. While some of the writing was quite good, I didn't like his condescending attitude.

  2. I definitely want to read this book. Like you said, he makes us laugh and that is a precious gift. I have read many of his books.

  3. I read his book about hiking through the east coast of America (they made a movie of it). He was funny in parts, but does have an attitude.

  4. I've seen the books around but never read anything of his. This sounds interesting.


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