Thursday, 21 July 2016

Need Some Inspiration? Try Dessserts!

Almond Pavlova with Strawberries 

Food on Friday: Desserts had so many sweet treats to enjoy – thank you to one and all!  To see all the desserts at a glance I suggest you head over to this Pinboard. I have selected 8 of them to inspire you today.

The stunning  pic at the top is from Cooking Weekends – Almond Pavlova with Strawberries  - way to go Gerlinde!

Caramel Éclair Dessert by The Midnight Baker

Fresh Mango with Lime Granita, Coconut Jelly and Powdered Chillies  by The Garden of Earthly Delights – love the idea of that chilli in a dessert!

Earl Grey Ice Cream by Delightful Repast – for all you tea lovers out there!

Banana Split Delight by Jo and Sue

I was intrigued by this Burmese Coconut Jelly by Chumkie's Kitchen


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