Thursday, 3 March 2016

Need Some Inspiration? Try Cocktails and Mocktails!

Peach Melba Smash

Food on Friday:  Cocktails and Mocktails was dangerous to the liver!  I have chosen a few great concoctions to inspire you today.  If you would like to check all of the links out at a glance,  just head on over to this Pinboard

Thanks to Lisa from spicyicecream for her delightful Peach Melba Smash

And how about these Raspberry Vodka and Lime Rum Jelly Shots!  Way to go Michelle from Jarrah Jungle

Rhubarb Mojitos with Rhubarb and Lime Syrup anyone?  Fab work by Willow of Will Cook for Friends

This Farmer's Market Margarita my just make me try tequila again – thanks to  Lisa of Life Away From The Office Chair

And to finish with a bang, here is Cranberry Prosecco Fizz by Pam of Grey is the New Black


  1. Oh man, you're making me thirsty!

  2. WOW Thanks for the feature! I enjoyed looking at a lot of the others too.

  3. Thanks for the feature Carole, I really loved this link up I was surprised how many drink recipes I had to share!

  4. Lovely pictures. I regularly do alcohol-free mocktail bars for youth events at church. Always popular with the teenagers


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