Thursday, 3 March 2016

Steve Jobs - a force of nature


  1. He ended up being the richest man in the cemetery and he did not acknowledge for many years his oldest child LISA..I saw the film was given a copy of it, not impressed by the way he lived his life at all, he was a super uber genius of a human being in my book NOT SO MUCH..When people don't acknowledge their children or give a you know what they are not anykind of human being in my book, all his money he did not seek proper medical help until he was nearly gone from this life, not so smart in my book, I think he would be getting a big kick out of Donald Trump an ally I am totally sure, rich people sometimes in my opinion don't have much character or any kind of how can I say it STREET SMARTS WHATSOEVER!

  2. I meant to say he was uber wealthy and uber smart, but as far as a kind, loving human being NO, yet many around the world worship him and they never knew the man, really? Trump is marching on in USA oh, my goodness sakes, he is vulgar, rich and only for himself..I hope that the republican party can stop him and put in someone who is really a person not just money grubbing, I am a democrat and poor Bernie Sanders, he is a socialist and speaks his truth and wants all to share in the USA the many things most people take for granted water, food, shelter, schooling oh, my goodness sakes...sorry state of political affairs..sorry indeed! I like Bernie reminds me of the turbulent 60's when people spoke out about the inequlity of life in the USA now just high crime, poverty, jails teeming with people convicted of marijuana offences when mj is legal in states now, oh my goodness sakes..But at least Bernie (feel the Bern) speaks his truth after living it for most of his life, he has a backbone and can speak indeed, but won't win, how can he compete with the Hills money billions invested in Hillary R. Clinton, a career politician with a career politician husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>???????


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