Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Nostalgia alert!

Meat pie with tomato sauce

If your cuisine doesn't have a tradition of eating meat pies with tomato sauce, you might think that this is a bit strange.  But New Zealand and Australia both delight in the humble meat pie – usually mince (ground beef), mince & cheese or steak & cheese.

You can get them already hot from any dairy (convenience store) – and we all have memories of having to blow on the pie to cool it and still burning our tongues! 

Meat pies are a staple takeaway food – particularly at lunch time.

Of course, many places now serve fancy versions like curried chicken, chicken & leek etc etc.  But the traditional ones are the ones to go for in my opinion.


  1. Meat and Potato pie is our favourite Carole.

  2. I am a mince and cheese kind of girl, but I don't actually like tom sauce on my pies. My husband however, can't eat pies without tom sauce. He always gets just plain old steak pie.

    I find that mince and cheese pies are pretty standard no matter where you get them, and while a good steak pie is wonderful, an average steak pie is just horrid. It makes me wonder what people think passes for steak?


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