Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tangelo Ice Cream

Tangelo Ice Cream by Carole's Chatter

My Tangelo Ice Cream is not based on a homemade ice-cream.  So it is a bit of a cheat – but a very yummy one!
I just took some scoops of vanilla ice cream and put them into a freezer safe container.  I then added about half as much tangelo juice and a teaspoon of Limoncello.

Tangelo ice cream before going back into freezer
I originally thought I would just swirl the juice through the ice-cream but that didn't work so it was pretty much mixed through.  Then back in the freezer until it reaches the consistency of ice cream again.
Tangelos are much juicier and sweeter than oranges but I'm sure you could do the same thing with orange juice.
The resulting ice cream was tangy and not too sweet.

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  1. This is perfect timing. I have two bags full of oranges from my brother-in-law's tree and I need something to do with them.

  2. Since I don't have an ice cream maker and have no plans to get one, I think this is a great idea for making a custom flavor! Thank you for linking this week, Carole.


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