Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Salami 'crackers'

Salami 'crackers' by Carole's Chatter
I wasn't sure what to call this snack.  There are no actual crackers in my Salami crackers.  Slices of salami – in this case an artisan chilli pork one – are used as the base of the snack instead of a cracker.
A square of cheese (Egmont) is on each 'cracker' along with a thin slice of red onion, slice of cornichon (small gherkin).

And for colour and pop I put the orange globules of seaweed caviar on the top.
An easy, tasty gluten free snack.  You do need to check that the salami is gluten free but most are.
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  1. Thant's a good idea. I have used cucumber slices in the past. Very pretty.

  2. Clever!!! You think outside the box!!

  3. I buy my salami from a local sausage shop and I know the salami I buy would make awesome crackers. How very clever!

  4. Ooh, I like this idea. Like Gloria, I have used cucumber, but never salami.
    They''d look good alternating on the serving tray


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