Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Japanese Slipper

Japanese Slipper Cocktail by Carole's Chatter

We like drinking Japanese Slipper Cocktails in the summer.  We first had them many years ago on a trip to Fiji and have made our own ever since.

They have just 3 ingredients which you put in in equal quantities – Midori (a green melon liqueur), Cointreau (a clear orange flavoured liqueur) and lemon juice.

You can adjust to suit your preferred level of sweetness – I like it  hovering just on the edge of sweet and sour.

A warning though – they are potent!
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  1. I use to only drink midori and lemonade when I was first legally allowed to drink! Now I dont know how I drank the sweet stuff so much :)

  2. Hmmmmm I might even try this in place of my margarita sometime!!

  3. This sounds really good. Will have to give this a go when our weather gets warm again!


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