Wednesday 19 April 2023

Dead Beat by Val McDermid



This is the first book in a series featuring Kate Brannigan – a PI.  I enjoyed it and thought she was a relateable, fun protagonist.  It isn't a recent book – published in 1992.  There is some reference to technologies that we don't use today – floppy disks, anyone?


But it is a good story.  Based in Manchester Kate gets involved in working for a pop star – then things take a bit of a dire turn.  Apart from the person who is murdered, it is a good mystery that ends satisfactoriy.


I actually started another book by this author – called 1979 – but couldn’t get into it.


I've ordered the next one in this series – Kick Back.

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  1. I read 1979 becaue for some reason, I had the next book, 1989 on my Kindle. I will check this title as I love the detective mysteries.


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