Saturday, 28 May 2022

The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn



This book is based on a true story – much more closely than Quinn's other works. I had never heard of a Soviet female super sniper but here she is.


One slightly weird thing is that this was published this year – given events in Ukraine.


The sniper was born in Kiev (when it was part of the USSR).  The events take place in 1942.


We follow Mila's journey to be a sniper and then she is made to go on a promotional tour in the US to try to persuade the American public to support the Soviet war efforts.  (Inklings of Zelensky??)


Some of the events described are pretty gory and certainly very tense.


When you have finished this one do read the author's note – she explains what she has made up rather than sticking to 'fact'.


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  1. I enjoyed The Alice Network, so I look forward to reading this. Thanks!

  2. I have enjoyed all her other books but this one took me a while to get into so I am going to try it again later. She's an amazing author.


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