Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Water bath Frittata


You may recall that I did a water bath scrambled egg experiment.  Well this was a follow up to see if that technique would result in a good frittata.  It did but I think I cooked it a bit too long – I kept looking at it and thinking it was still runny – in fact it was set. Note to self – poke it with a knife to check.



6 Eggs

Bacon pieces

Red onion

Red chilli


Oil for frying


Hot sauce

Basil leaves

Some leftover ham I had on hand




Fry off your bacon pieces and when some of the fat has been released add your red onion, chilli and croutons.  Get it all a bit crispy.  Depending on how much bacon you are using you might need to add some more oil.  When finished put it into the dish you are going to cook the frittata in – spread it around so it also greases the dish and then pop it into the fridge to chill down.


Whisk the eggs with a splash of water, pepper and a couple of drops of hot sauce.


Add the torn basil leaves and the leftover ham to the bacon mixture and then pour the egg over the cold bacon mixture.  Grate some nutmeg over the top.


Put into a roasting dish with water in it.


Cook in a moderate to low oven until set….  Be very careful lifting it out – don't splash yourself with hot water.


  1. I've never tried water baking because it always looks too tricky to me. Your frittata looks delicious.

  2. Like Judee, I have never tried the water bath method. But I like a good frittata!

  3. I love this method, so easy on eggs. The only way I will bake a bread pudding.

  4. I've used the water bath method for other kinds of baking but not for eggs. This looks so good.


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