Saturday, 15 May 2021

The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce



The Music Shop is a fun read.  If you like quirky characters and a background of stories about music, you'll love this one.  And the ending!  I can't say because it would spoil it – but don't miss it.


So you have a set of run down old shops in a cul de sac – a developer trying to buy them out. It is 1988. One of the shops is a music store – but it only sells vinyl not CD's or lord forbid, cassette tapes.  The owner has a knack of choosing the right music for people.  His taste is eclectic – from Bach to the Sex Pistols.


A woman faints outside the shop – she is a mystery.  You'll want to know about her and will hope that she and the shop owner, Frank, finally get together.


  1. I almost read this when it was published but got sidetracked and didn't. I may look for a copy because I love all things music.

  2. I like the so very different strands. You know they going to mesh together nicely.


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