Friday, 15 January 2021

Animalia by Graeme Base


Animalia was quite different from what I imagined.  But in a good way.  Each letter of the alphabet gets a page which illustrates the words all starting with that letter.



So the D page is "Diabolical Dragons Daintily Devouring Delicious Delicacies"  Different fonts are used for each letter and the illustrations are fun and also include other objects beginning with the letter.


If, like me, you are not keen on snakes, skip the letter S…


This book was released in 1986 – which maybe explains why I have never seen it before – I was an adult then and didn't have kids to read to…


The author is a British born Australian resident.

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  1. That book looks gorgeous and one I might like to have, even tho I am not a kid.


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