Thursday, 20 February 2020

Need Some Inspiration? Try Eggs!

Hash Brown & Egg Cups 

Food on Friday: Leap Year Edition was a little gem.  Here are some eggy delights to inspire you today. 

The pic at the top was brought over by James & Everett – Hash Brown & Egg Cups  - looking so gooood!

These Soy-Brined Hard – Boiled Eggs by Shockingly Delicious are going to get a try.

MJ's Kitchen contributed these fabulously styled Crispy Cheese Fried Egg with Herbs – way to go, MJ!

For other egg dishes head over to this Pinboard


  1. The hashbrown egg cups sound like a mini hand version of the hashbrown/egg casseroles we make! Egg Bake!

  2. Wow! I could not jump over to the Hashbrown egg cup recipe fast enough. Thank you! And no, James & Everett, Tapatio is NOT optional. :-D


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