Friday, 4 October 2019

Foodie Friday – Neapolitan Ice Cream

A Neapolitan is someone who comes from Naples in Italy.  So maybe that's where Neapolitan Ice cream was invented?  It is thought that it was populised by Italian immigrants to the US.

So in one block of icecream you have three stripes of flavour – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.  Why those flavours?  And how do they ensure that they don't intermingle?

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  1. Probably our early Italian immigrants brought over the ideo of Spumoni and somehow it got Americanized into Neopolitan.

    Oh, yep! I see Wiki concurs:

    Neapolitan ice cream, named after Naples, is a variation of spumoni. Cherry was changed to strawberry and pistachio to vanilla to reflect the most popular American flavor preferences

    I personally loooooove the cherry & pistachio flavors in spumoni.


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