Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Letters to Iris by Elizabeth Noble

Elizabeth Noble is a new author to me.  I enjoyed Letters to Iris.  It was a gentle uplifting read with a satisfying (if a bit predictable) ending.

The title of the book seemed a bit tangential throughout but ended up being just right.

What else can I tell you about this book without spoiling it for you – there are 2 main female protagonists, Tess a young woman and Gigi a middle aged one.  You get to know their challenges and live with each of them as they grapple with family issues.  They don't meet each other until a third of the book is done.  But you could see it coming.

The end blurb on the book jacket did the book a bit of a disservice. 'The mistress of the tear-jerker'  'Witty, affectionate and unashamedly tear-jerking'  This might be applicable to her other books, I don't know.  But this book was not a tear jerker.  Yes there was some sadness but it was handled gently.


  1. Gentle and uplifting read sounds good to me, too bad the blurb says tear jerking if it is not.

  2. I love tear-jerkers. But sometimes it is good when the author handles gently

  3. At our age we don't really need tear-jerkers, do we. Glad you enjoyed it and found a new author.


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