Sunday, 28 April 2019

Beetroot & Goat's Cheese Salad

Carole's Chatter: Beetroot & Goat's Cheese Salad

This is a quick no fuss salad – but you need to think carefully about the balance between the ingredients – I used too much of a really sharp feta and it overpowered everything.


2 passionfruit
Goat's Cheese – less than 100g
Salt if needed
Cooked beetroot


Sieve the passionfruit pulp – on reflection I think it might have been better just to put it onto the salad whole – we eat it like that usually anyway.

Cut up the beetroot and put it on your plate – sprinkle it with the cheese – pour over the passionfruit and sprinkle dill fronds on the top.

That's it but as I said try to get a good balance between the beetroot and the cheese.


  1. Your salad looks very inviting and healthy. We are fans of goat cheese and love the fresh dill..

  2. This looks like a refreshing salad for lunch.

  3. It looks delicious, pretty and easy. Definately going to try this Weekend. I hope my family would love it.

  4. Feta & beets is such a great combo. I need to try it with passionfruit.

  5. So simple and looks so tasty! ;-)

  6. Thank you, for sure I'll try it one day :)


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