Monday, 24 September 2018

Happy 70th birthday to the lovely Linda

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  1. Oh, THANK YOU! I’m sitting by the hot tub at our hotel for the night! We left Creston, British Columbia yesterday morning and drove across the Idaho panhandle into Montana. We stayed in Butte last night and drove to Casper Wyoming. In the morning we will drive down to my favorite place in all the world - Colorado! We will stay there two nights and then drive the 13 hours to home where the heavy rains on Friday night there in Irving overwhelmed the sump pump and water came in the kitchen, den and sewing room. Texas needed rain in the worst way! Louis Dean and I decided we would not cut our trip short but deal with everything when we get home. Stephanie next door and Amber and Mike pulled the kitchen rugs out to the gazebo and turned the AC down to keep it from getting musty.
    Thank you, Carole! This birthday trip has been the biggest of my life! We spent a month in Scotland and that was huge! The only ones left on my Bucket List is to visit Jutta in Finland and you in New Zealand. But it will not be with Louis Dean. He says he’s had a ball but no more big vacations! Unless he can take his guitar with him! Hahaha! Cheers!


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