Friday, 28 September 2018

Foodie Friday - Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel is one of Austria's national dishes.  It is a speciality of Vienna.

Traditionally it is a thin breaded veal cutlet that is pan fried.

According to Wikipedia:

The dish is prepared from veal slices, butterfly cut, about 4 millimetres (0.16 in) thin and lightly pounded flat, slightly salted, and rolled in flour, whipped eggs and bread crumbs. The bread crumbs must not be pressed into the meat, so that they stay dry and can be "souffl├ęd". Finally the Schnitzel is fried in a good proportion of lard or clarified butter at a temperature from 160 to 170 °C[ until it is golden yellow. The Schnitzel must swim in the fat, otherwise it will not cook evenly: the fat cools too much and intrudes into the bread crumbs, moistening them. During the frying the Schnitzel is repeatedly slightly tossed around the pan. Also during the frying, fat can be scooped from the pan with a spoon and poured onto the meat. The Schnitzel is cooked after it turns golden yellow or brown.

So many cuisines have similar dishes to this – Japanese Tonkatsu and often pork or beef is used instead of veal.  Have you schnitzelled lately?

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  1. I ordered Schnitzel a couple months ago in a local restaurant just to try something new. I'm guessing it was pork, but it was prepared well.


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