Friday, 18 May 2018

Foodie Friday – Rosemary

Did you know that there are a bunch of superstitions about the herb, Rosemary?  Ancient Greeks believed that it helped you remember things so students would wear some in their hair during exams.

You'll remember Ophelia saying Rosemary is for remembrance (in Hamlet) so that superstition travelled to the UK from Greece at some point.

Also carrying a sprig of rosemary is supposed to protect you from all manner of things including thunder, lightning and being attacked.


  1. I personally love rosemary! I cook with it, make rosemary infused olive oil and rosemary salts, I cut bouquets of it and use it as much as possible year round! It stays the same winter, summer, spring and fall.....growing and sharing its stems - both of the bushes are in my front flower bed by the porch. I love watering them as it makes everything smell so good!
    Now I shall add hair adornment to my list of uses! It couldn’t hurt and just might help!

  2. I grow rosemary in my herb garden. Interesting association with memory- I love it..


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