Friday, 25 May 2018

Foodie Friday – Coronation Chicken

Here's a nod to the Royal Family.  Coronation Chicken was a dish specially created for the Coronation of our Queen in 1953.  It was served at the banquet that followed her Coronation.

Here is a traditional recipe for it – the one used by the original recipe creators – principals of the Cordon Bleu School.


2 young roasting chickens
water and a little wine to cover
1 carrot
1 bouquet garni
3-4 peppercorns
cream of curry sauce
Cream of Curry Sauce
1 tablespoon oil
2 oz. onion, finely chopped
1 dessertspoon curry powder
1 good teaspoon tomato purée
1 wineglass red wine
¾ wineglass water
1 bay-leaf
salt, sugar, a touch of pepper
1 slice or 2 of lemon
1 squeeze of lemon juice, possibly more
1-2 tablespoons apricot purée
¾ pint mayonnaise
2-3 tablespoons lightly whipped cream
a little extra whipped cream


  1. Poach the chickens, with carrot, bouquet, salt and peppercorns, in water and a little wine, enough barely to cover, for about 40 minutes or until tender.  Allow to cool in the liquid.  Joint the birds, remove the bones with care.  Prepare the sauce given below.  Mix the chicken and the sauce together, arrange on a dish, coat with the extra sauce. For convenience, in serving on the occasion mentioned, the chicken was arranged at one end of an oblong dish, and a rice salad as given below was arranged at the other.
  2. Cream of curry sauce:  Heat the oil, add the onion, cook gently 3-4 minutes, add curry-powder.  Cook again 1-2 minutes.  Add purée, wine, water, and bay-leaf.  Bring to boil, add salt, sugar to taste, pepper, and the lemon and lemon juice.  Simmer with the pan uncovered 5-10 minutes.  Strain and cool.  Add by degrees to the mayonnaise with the apricot purée to taste.  Adjust seasoning, adding a little more lemon juice if necessary.  Finish with the whipped cream. Take a small amount of sauce (enough to coat the chicken) and mix with a little extra cream and seasoning. This is an admirable sauce to serve with iced lobster.
  3. Rice Salad: The rice salad which accompanied the chicken was carefully cooked rice, cooked peas, diced raw cucumber, and finely chopped mixed herbs, all mixed in a well-seasoned French dressing.
 And I've also posted about my own version here.

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