Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Peanut & Ginger Chicken Wings

Carole's Chatter: Peanut & Ginger Chicken Wings

I thought up a way to do Chicken Drumsticks and then having prepared the sauce discovered I had in fact bought wings!  So I boxed on anyway – as you do.


Large pack of chicken wings
Spicy Chunky Peanut Sauce (store bought)
Garlic oil
Splash of cooking wine
Sherry Vinegar (small amount)
Salt & Pepper


Oil your casserole dish with the garlic oil
Put all the ingredients except the chicken into a casserole dish and stir.

The ginger I used was leftover from having made ginger tea (when I tasted it I realised it was still quite gingery so I won't be wasting it in future)

I put the chicken wings in and stirred them about so they were coated in the sauce.

I roasted these with the lid on in a moderate heat.  I turned the wings over a couple of times.  The wings were done after an hour or so but weren't very brown and there was too much liquid in the casserole.

So I transferred the wings onto a roasting dish and left them in the oven to brown a bit while I blasted the liquid in the casserole on the stove top until it had reduced to a nice gloop.  I poured this back over the wings when serving them.

They were sticky, spicy and just a bit nutty.

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  1. Marinated chicken wings are the best! These sounds delicious!!


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