Saturday, 24 October 2015

Edinburgh Castle and The Tattoo

I was very young when I went to see the Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle – but I still remember the amazing atmosphere.

The Castle itself is an incredible historic site.  The earliest part of the Castle is St Margaret's Chapel which dates right back  to around 1130.  The Castle is built right on top of a long extinct volcano.

The Castle was fought over by the English and the Scots and captured and recaptured several times.

King James VI was born in the Castle – his mother was that tragic figure, Mary, Queen of Scots.

The first Edinburgh tattoo was held in the Castle in 1950.  It was the early 60's when I saw it.  I must look out for some TV coverage of it.  It even came to New Zealand in 2000 and is coming back again next year.  Your spine shivers when the tattoo ends with the mournful sound of the lone piper.

Over a million people visit the Castle each year – perhaps it would be a bit crowded for me?


  1. Carole, I was there this spring and it was a busy place. More so than the other castles I went to, but it's worth it. The Honors of Scotland, the crown (the oldest set of jewels in The UK), the sword and the scepter along with the Stone of Scone are kept there under guard on display. Well worth it! Here's an image: I did not get to see the tattoo though. Next time.


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