Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Something to remember when I'm down...

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  1. It is usually wind, rain and snow and ice here in the pacific northwest..We have lived in this area 37 years and this is the driest weather starting from 2014 ever, we did not get any rain, snow or sleet or hail and little are not kidding about it being the darkest before the dawn..In 100 years of weather keeping in Washington state there has never been such a past year and it is just starting to get so dadblasted hot, this week the 90's and above and still no moisture for the farmers in eastern Washington nor was there much of a winter, the ski season was a true bust costing millions of dollars in revune, it is horrible..I enjoy the sun just not 90 plus degree days with no shelter from the humidity and the heat day and night..My grammie used to say it is always the darkest before the dawn, but those years it rained and hailed, snowed and then in august and September thru October it was lovely just not this or last year..I am praying for rain and some cooler days, I read your blog daily and love it a lot!


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