Thursday, 11 June 2015

Need Some Inspiration? Try Corn!

Crock-Pot Zesty Corn Dip
Food on Friday:  Corn   provided some real gems.  I have chosen a few dishes to inspire you today.  There were so many other great dishes.  If you would like to check them out at a glance, just head on over to this Pinboard

The first pic at the top of the post is of Momma Young's Crock-Pot Zesty Corn Dip. Welcome to Food on Friday, Momma Young!

Love the presentation of this Corn Souffle by James & Everett

Phong Hong Bakes brought over a sweet corn dessert – Sweet Corn and Sago Dessert

Thanks to Thibeault's Table for this Light Corn Custard

And how about this Chowder by Eat Like You Love Yourself

And for something different – Chicken Corn Kebabs by Enriching Your Kid

Finishing off today with Miz Helen's Baked Creamed Corn

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