Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Find the Good by Heather Lende and a 'Commonplace' Idea

Thanks to BooknRound I heard about Find the Good and got it from the library.  It's a short engaging book by an Alaskan small town obituary writer.  A quick and uplifting read.

While reading the many gems of inspiration in it, I got the idea to start a Commonplace Book – not on paper but through my blog and a Pinboard.  The idea is to capture little morsels of wisdom that you find in books or whatever and then collect them so that at times when you need a bit of a lift or encouragement you can dip into them.

So I have created a Pinboard called A Commonplace Book compiled by Carole and her Friends.

Yes, that's right, your contributions are most welcome.  If you see something encouraging, uplifting or simply wise, please send it to me in a comment or in an email and I'll put it on the Board with a shout out to you as well.

I have kick started the Pinboard by pinning some of my earlier blog posts that fitted the bill.

If you are interested in the history of commonplace books, this is a link to the Wiki article about them.

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