Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Egg by Michael Ruhlman (including scrambled egg update)

I was inspired to get Egg by Michael Ruhlman out from the library because I enjoyed his earlier book Ruhlman's Twenty and as a result of a review of the book by Kitchen Delights.

The whole book is devoted to the egg and the many ways it can be used.  The book even has a huge flowchart in a pocket at the back that spells it all out.  Along with techniques and tips he also includes all sorts of eggy recipes.

To learn more about eggs that you ever thought possible just get this one from your library!

I found his section on how to make perfect scrambled eggs of real interest (page 59).  As you know I have been on a quest to get this right – see this post and also this one and this one (am I obsessed or what!).  But here for the first time the importance of thoroughly blending the eggs before cooking was explained.  I now realise that I tended to the other extreme – trying to blend them as little as possible while not having great globs of white.  So now I will whisk them a lot more – not to the really frothy stage but certainly so that the white and yolk are fully combined.

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