Monday, 17 November 2014

Shane Cotton

Shane Cotton is one of New Zealand's most significant contemporary painters.  He was born in 1964.

He is of Ngapuhi descent and his works strongly allude to Maori and Pakeha topics.  He puts historical and modern things side by side at times.

The art establishment like to analyse his works in nauseating detail.  I just like looking at them and don't get too concerned with the many layers of meaning in his works.  But that's just me.

The painting at the top is Whakapiri atu te Whenua. Here we have some pots and vases with flags planted in them plus the Tree of Life in the centre pot.

These beautiful stained glass windows by Shane Cotton can be found in the Holy Trinity cathedral in Auckland.

This work is called Artificial Curiosities.

The bird in this painting is a tui – known also as the parson bird because of the little tuft on the bird's throat.

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