Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Feijoa Ice Cream

Feijoa Ice Cream by Carole's Chatter

Just another quick cheat's ice cream for you today.  Feijoas, or as some people call them, pineapple guavas are just yummy.  They have a reasonably short season so we use them in all sorts of ways while the going is good.  In chutney and by poaching them.  So I thought why not flavour an ice cream with them.
So I used some vanilla ice cream as a base and then stirred through it a well chopped up inside of a ripe feijoa (I don't eat the skin raw). 
After popping it back into the fridge for an hour we indulged.  The flavour was great but the texture was not quite smooth enough.  I'd either blend the fruit more thoroughly next time or lightly cook it first.

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  1. I've not heard of this fruit before. I am sure your ice cream was delicious!


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