Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Spicy Sardine Salad

Spicy Sardine Sandwich by Carole's Chatter
I very rarely eat sardines but the better half will scoff them up any time they're on offer.  I made this Spicy Sardine Sandwich as the type of thing that both of us would enjoy – and it was even pretty healthy – the dressings were even on the side!

First I layered the platter with baby cos leaves.  This formed the canvas for the rest of the ingredients which were arranged over the top:

Strips of green and red capsicum (bell peppers)
A red chili
Slices of red onion
Some cornichons (mini gherkins)
A tin of sardines with hot peppers (put in oil and all)
Some glistening caviar globules – not real stuff but seaweed caviar – a beautiful orange colour
A few basil leaves
Salt and pepper

The dressings that I served on the side were all store bought – mayonnaise,  sweet chili sauce and vinaigrette.

It was a spicy and tasty salad.
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  1. My hubby is the same about sardines. Will have to try this minus the bell peppers.

  2. You make the prettiest salads, Carole. My son loves sardines--especially the spicy ones. Thank you for sharing!


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