Saturday, 7 December 2013

Bath – not what you bathe in but the town in the UK!

The Circus Bath

Even though I have actually spent very little time in Bath, it feels like I know it well – all these years of reading Georgette Heyer's Regencies I guess!

Bath is in Somerset, which according to my brother in law is where my father's family originally came from.

Roman Baths, Bath

It is about 100 miles west of London.  There are Roman Baths in Bath – and that is how the town got its name.

Bath has been a World Heritage Site since 1987.

In 2012 a hoard of 30 thousand sliver Roman coins was found – shame that finders keepers didn't apply!

The Royal Crescent in Bath

The Royal Crescent and the Circus are famous streets in Bath – so elegant.

The Royal Victoria park  in Bath

The Royal Victoria Park was opened in 1830 by an 11 year old Princess Victoria – the first of many things to be named in Queen Victoria's honour.

NZ Sally Lunn

And Sally Lunn buns are said to have originated in Bath.  This is what the New Zealand Sally Lunn looks like – nothing like the original tea cake!

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