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Bristol, UK

Bristol is in the UK.  It is where the phrase "in ship shape and Bristol fashion" comes from.  Bristol was a major port and it is thought that the phrase related to the fact that in early days ships moored at Bristol hit the bottom when the tide went out so had to be very sturdy not to get damaged by this.

Location of Bristol in UK

Bristol forms part of the counties of Gloucestershire and Somerset.  And the historic  city of Bath (well beloved of Regency romances) is close by.

There are 34 other Bristol's around the world.

Bristol was badly damaged by bombs in WWII.  But some of its old elegance has been restored since the 1980's.

Some famous airplanes were made in Bristol including the WWi Bristol fighter and the WWII Blenheim and Beaufighter aircraft.  And the Concorde also had important parts done there.

Here are some things to see in Bristol:

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

Clifton Suspension Bridge – opened way back in 1864, the brainchild of the famous engineer Brunel.  It spans the River Avon

Queen Square, Bristol

Queen Square – which has been restored to the grandeur of old.

St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol

St Mary Redcliffe Church – beautiful Gothic architecture – the tallest building in Bristol.

SS Great Britain, Bristol

The SS Great Britain – the first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic – now a museum.
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  1. Love knowing where "ship shape" originated!

  2. I have Bath on my list of places to visit. Since Bristol is so close by train, we may make it over there as well.

  3. Once, when on a very brief visit to Bristol, I visited St Mary Redcliffe's and was lucky enough to be there when the organist was practicising on the amazing church organ there. A beautiful church and gorgeous music - a memory I treasure!

  4. Bristol was a super-easy day trip from Bath. The water ferry stop is around the corner from the train station so it was easy to get to the sites along the waterfront.


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