Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Need some inspiration – Breakfast II

Today's Need Some Inspiration completes the showcases from Food on Friday: Breakfast .  Here to inspire and delight:

Baked ham & egg cups by Jenn of A Cook's Quest – just beautiful!

This Sweet French Toast with Strawberry Sauce looks very decadent but nice.  Way to go Manju of Manju'z Kitchen.

Michelle – your Pain Perdu looks delicioso (that should be delicieux).  Good work by Ms En Place.

How about this Crispy Waffle with Cinnamon and Forest Fruit by Multiculti Kitchen?

These Breakfast Casserole Flowers by Flavz Corner are just so delicate and pretty.

For a Mexican style breakfast, here is Breakfast Burrito by Kara's Favourite Recipes.

These Greek Maple Peach Crepes by April of April's Country Life sound so very nice.

And last but not least… (never met a cliché I didn't like) here are Huevos Rancheros by MJ's Kitchen.  Talk about bold and beautiful!

Next week's inspiration will be drawn from Food on Friday: Mexican Food

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  1. Thank you Carole for informing me about this via the comment. And thank you for all the appreciation :)

  2. These are all great ideas! Love that you shared other food blogs too! So many great ones out there!

  3. Thank you, Carole! It's one of my husband's favorites.
    Everything looks so good!

  4. Thank you Carole! All of these breakfasts look fabulous! thanks for including mine!

  5. Would love some of those huevos rancheros right now! Everything on here is looking really yummy and I just finished breakfast.

  6. Thank you so much for the mention! Those baked ham and egg cups look like just the thing my family would love and something easy to whip up while we are working on the new house!

  7. Thanks Carole for linking my recipe to the list of breakfast!!! They all look yumm!!


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