Sunday 17 February 2013

Non- Smoothie

I am not sure that this Raspberry Banana concoction can be properly classified as a Smoothie or a Shake for this week's Food on Friday – but I am going to link it in anyway!  Author's prerogative.

This is what went into it:

2 pieces of frozen banana
The juice of 1 orange
½ tsp of stevia (you could use liquid honey instead)
1 tblsp of brandy (optional obviously)
Handful of frozen raspberries
A splash of water – just to get the right consistency

A quick whizz with a stick blender and it was done – all in under 5 minutes.  It was delicious – not too sweet.  And even better it had no added milk or sugar.  Fantastic!

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  1. Looks good. New kind of smoothie..I wonder if the combination of banana and orange may cause trouble to the tummy?? Let me know plz

  2. sounds yummy!!! pinned this!

    Natasha @

  3. Sounds like a refreshing warm weather drink. Right about now I'm thinking in terms of hot cider and cocoa :) . . .

  4. Brandy! You won me over! Lol

  5. would work as a smoothie for me. the touch of brandy is good.

    Orange and banana together are really good. I've had that many times, just the two of them together.

  6. mmm, I love smoothies, especially with raspberries.

  7. I'm all of sudden very thirsty:)

  8. Yummmm!!!!! Easy and pretty.

  9. Beautiful color. I am reading a raw food book and have been thinking we need to make more smoothies. Some of the raw food looks a bit questionable, but smoothies we can do.

  10. Wow that's such a bright, happy colour!

  11. Near enough to a smoothie for me. Sounds luscious and just the kind of thing I like for breakfast (though maybe without the brandy at 8am).

    Thanks for linking to Sweet New Zealand - it's lovely to have you join in. Would you be good enough to just edit your post to include a link and reference to Sweet New Zealand and the host -

    Thanks again :-)


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