Thursday, 17 January 2013

17 January - Solution for the last clue and the next cryptic crossword clue

A wanderer, some say, that gets up one's nose (5)
Solution – aroma

I love this clue. 

A = a (funny that!)

Wanderer = roamer

A + roma (being a word that sounds like roamer) = aroma which is a smell that of course "gets up one's nose".  A Roma is also a term sometimes used to describe gypsies or travellers so the clue works on that level as well.

Today’s cryptic crossword clue solution tomorrow

I'm about to change gear and create an illusion (6)
Source of clue – The Sunday Mail

Hint – This is a charades clue which also contains an anagram

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  1. Well, you've well and truly lost me now.

    But I loved the roamer LOL


  2. I too am lost! Have to think about this one.


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