Saturday, 13 August 2022

Haere Mai Everything is Kapai


Haere Mai
Everything is kapai
You're here at last
You're really here at last
Haere Mai
Not a cloud in the sky
To coin a phrase
This is the day of days

You're welcome as the sunshine
You're welcome as a king
Paikare this is one time
We'll really have a fling

Haere Mai
Everything is kapai
Throughout the land

We want to shake your hand

Haere Mai
We're proud of you
Thats why


This is an old New Zealand song from 1952.  It mixed Maori and English in the lyrics. Kapai means good.  I've been hearing it again lately and thought it might put a bit of a smile on your dial.


I also attach a link to the lyrics and music (in case LD wants to give it a try)

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