Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Books You Loved: May Edition!


Books You Loved: April Edition again provided reviews of great books. Thank you to all. Here are a few  that caught my eye:


Alex of The Children's War reviewed The Rose Code by Kate Quinn.  She said 'The Rose Code is a long, detailed, multi-layered novel and I couldn't put it down. The three main characters are so clearly defined and so deliciously flawed, as different from one another as they are united in their desire to do their part for the war effort.'


Under The Golden Sun  by Jenny Ashcroft was brought over by the indefatigable Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews.  Her post said ' An ad asking for an adult to chaperone a child to Australia sounded interesting to Rose considering her current situation, but how would this work during the war?...The trip was long and arduous as well as having a lot of apprehension for both Rose and Walter.  .. .Her fears were confirmed when they arrived. They actually were not expected nor were they welcome..'


Melissa of Chick Lit Central did a Goodreads review of As Seen On TV  by Meredith Schorr.  She said ' I enjoyed so much about this novel. It had a Kerry Winfrey and Nora Ephron feel. Anyone who loves Hallmark movies and small town romance novels will get a kick out of this story. The characters are interesting and well developed. .. the resolution is the best! I don't normally laugh and cry at the same time, but I did with this one…I highly recommend picking up this adorable and charming novel when it releases in June'


The same Melissa posted a link to her Goodreads review of The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri.  Melissa said ' the story was incredible and will stick with me for a long time. ..I have read some good novels that take place in the Middle East, but The Beekeeper of Aleppo was on par with Khaled Hosseini's novels. I was instantly absorbed in it and had a hard time putting it down.'


Now on to the Books You Loved May Edition. There are no rules for this party.  The only requirement is that your post is about a book that you loved.


To add to the list just pop the name of the book (and your name/blog name if you like) into the first Mr Linky box and then copy and paste the url of your post about it into the second box. Mr Linky also makes you tick a box.


I'll be pinning your links to this Pinboard to make it easier for you to check them out at a glance. 


Hope you have a lovely May and find lots of good books.


  1. Finished. Thanks for the shout-outs!

  2. I loved Under the Golden Sun! I am bringing you a Dervla McTiernan book, The Ruins and probably one more.

  3. Always appreciate the email reminder!

  4. I failed to put the book's name in my first link but it is "Girl in Ice" by Erica Ferencik, a very entertaining thriller. Happy reading!

  5. I think everyone will love UNDER THE GOLDEN SUN.

    Thanks for the featuring of it.

    Enjoy when you read it.

  6. I often have trouble selecting my favourite read of the month but this one was easy. It's a book about books, always a good choice.

  7. I'm linking something a little different this time, a science fiction space thriller! It's Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir, and I loved it!


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