Wednesday, 27 October 2021

What The Lady Wants by Renee Rosen


I came to What The Lady Wants as a result of a review by Melissa of Chick Lit and having previously enjoyed Park Avenue Summer .


This is a story based on real people but not trying to be historically accurate.  As a result, you need to read the author's note to see what she has based on reality and what is supposition, or frankly, a flight of fancy.


The title is based on the philosophy of Marshall Field who was a successful department store owner in Chicago.  The story is about the relationship with a much younger married woman Dell Caton – it lasted for over 30 years much to the scandal of society.


I enjoyed the writing – it captured the essence of the Chicago society of the time – or I think it did.


  1. I like the basis of the story. At that time, it took courage to be different too.


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