Saturday, 25 September 2021

Auckland Harbour Bridge


The original Harbour Bridge was a 4 lane affair – finished in the late 50's.  In the late 60's 2 more lanes were clipped on each side – known politically incorrectly as the Nippon clip-ons.


Before there was a bridge people from the North Shore used ferries to reach the city.


For many years you had to pay a toll to cross – a hugely inefficient way to fund it.  When I was at university there was a lot of fun to be had during capping week to bike over the bridge and offer a big note or otherwise lots of 5 cents pieces.


For many years nothing separated the lanes of traffic – which could be scary – some clever Kiwis then designed a mobile barrier that could both separate the traffic and increase the number of lanes available at rush hour.


There will need to be an additional harbour crossing in the next few years – I personally hope for a tunnel (including for rail) but who knows.

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  1. How interesting! I admire bridges! What engineering works of art and design!


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