Saturday, 8 May 2021

Women in History – Madeleine Albright


Whatever one's politics, I think we can agree that Madeleine Albright is pretty special. She was born on 15 May in 1937 which makes her almost 84.


She was born in Prague in what was then Czechoslovakia. Her family had Jewish heritage but converted to Catholicism in 1941. Madeleine didn't learn of her Jewish roots until she was almost 60!


The family moved to the UK in 1939.  They emigrated to America in 1948 arriving at Ellis Island.


Madeleine married Joseph Albright in 1959 and hence became known as Madeleine Albright and also took up Episcopalian.


They had 3 children – all girls.  But sadly divorced in 1982.


She got involved in public service and was appointed by Bill Clinton as Ambassador to the UN in 1993.  In 1997 she became Secretary of State.


She now gives speeches, has lots of honorary degrees and is involved in charity work.  An inspiring story indeed.


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  1. An interesting history indeed. How on earth did they hide the Jewish part - such a lot of culture and history to hide!


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