Wednesday, 14 April 2021

The Narrowboat Summer by Anne Youngson


The Narrowboat Summer is a whimsical touching story of how 2 women (no previously known to each other) got involved with an ornery old narrowboat owner and ended up taking her boat to be serviced while she had to be in hospital.


So this story is quite humorous. Nothing really terrible happens so it is perfect for reading in tempestuous times.  And the setting on the canals in the UK is a bonus.


I also like that the main characters are not young things but are people who have lived.  Do give it a go!


This book has also been published under the title – Three Woman and a Boat.



  1. I got the audio and just couldn't get into the book. It seemed very boring to me. Maybe it was just that I needed something with more going on at a faster pace at the time. I may try it again in the future because I really love the storyline.

  2. I watched a documentary on narrow boat living and thought it was idyllic. The practicalities of it have all been so beautifully worked out in the UK that it is very feasible.


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