Wednesday, 17 March 2021

The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth


Wow!  The Good Sister is quite a book.  Described as a psychological thriller or domestic drama – I think this undersells it.


The main protagonists are fraternal twin sisters.  One of them, Fern has neurological issues.  It is not clear what caused them but she can't tolerate lots of noise or being touched unexpectedly.  She works in a library.  She meets a man she finds out is living in a van.


Her sister keeps close tabs on Fern.  We hear her voice through her journal.  According to her their mother was a monster.


This book is fascinating and gripping.  The way that families can construct their own myths about roles and responsibilities.  How sisters can depend on each other but not really like each other at times.


Sorry I'm not giving much away here.  A warning if you go looking for other reviews they all seem to have spoilers.


Sally Hepworth lives in Australia and the book is set there – but it isn't too Australian – no boomerangs, crocodiles or snakes!

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  1. This sounds good! Thanks for not posting spoilers!


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