Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The Woman Who Wanted More by Vicky Zimmerman

If you are interested in food or a story featuring a nonogenerian with all her marbles firing, you'll like The Woman Who Wanted More.

Kate is about to turn 40 – her boyfriend is a self absorbed borderline autist – she believes she loves him but you are left wondering how much her age has to do with her settling for him.  Anyhoo, he has a wobble and in order to fill in her time she volunteers at a home for Exceptional Ladies.

Cecily is the nonogenerian.  Cranky, full of quotes, well read, well travelled and very frustrated at not being independent.

You'll have to read it to see how things go from there.


  1. I am reading a lot of novels featuring feisty oldsters, my age and older. This one sounds interesting.

  2. Sounds fascinating!! I think I want to be like her!

  3. I get upset when people settle for less with partners purely because they get panicky. Such a waste.


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