Wednesday, 24 June 2020

The Heirloom Garden by Viola Shipman

I wasn't absolutely sure I would like The Heirloom Garden. I am not a gardener and know very little about plants.

But I had enjoyed The Summer Cottage  so I gave it a go.  I was pleasantly surprised.

It is a story of neighbours from 2 generations who come to help each other cope.  That doesn't sound very exciting – but it is a great story, told well.

Important issues like loss, grief, PTSD, issues facing working women and coping strategies are handled deftly.  Get your hankies at the ready – you'll need them (for my US friends, hankies is an abbreviation for handkerchiefs – you'll need tissues)


  1. My Nana said hankies and since I moved to the south I never hear anyone refer to them that way. Of course once my ancestors made a home in Pennsylvania they never moved more than 5 miles away from the area!

    I like the sound of this book and its going on my Goodreads list right now.


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